5 Days 4 Nights ( Oman highlights )

Day ( 1 )

Depart   : 08.30 am

Duration  : ( 01.30 ) hours to first Destination

Places to be visit

  • Sinkhole
  • Wadi Shab
  • Wadi Tiwi
  • Watching turtles

Start your trip from hole or airport through ( Quriyat )

coastal road enjoy the sinary and wonderful landscape

Visit ( Sinkhole ) it’s a wide hole made by nature

Located in a public park close to the see surrounded

with limestones Mixed between salty & fresh water

became a touristic destination by the time

for the people who like to swim and relax

( Wadi Ash Shab ) one of the popular valleys for

swimming and enjoying the nature in fresh water

between wonderful mountains and rocky cliffs

in holidays get busy of visitors

( Wadi Tiwi ) wadi surrounded with

palm plantations and beautiful landscape

a few hundreds of local inhabitants are living there

they depends on availability of water that come through

water springs from mountains sources Cultivation was the

main income sources that time

Proceed to your Resort you need ( 1.5 ) hours


  • 4WD Car
  • English guide come driver
  • Lunch in local restaurant
  • Room In 3 Stars Hotel
  • Turtle Watching Tickets

Bimmah Sinkhole (you can click the picture to find the location)

Day ( 2 )

Depart    : 08.30 am

Duration  : ( 2 ) hours

Places to be visit

  • Wadi bani khalid
  • Bedouin tent
  • Sharqiyah sands

Depart from hotel toward ( Wahiba sands )

Enjoy one of the wonderful highlights wadi in Oman

Get a relax between natural palms oases

Then depart the wadi towards the ( Desert ) ( Sharqiyah sands )

you need ( 1.5 ) hour to there

Enjoy on golden dunes, your guide will drive you on dunes that

rise to ( 300 ) meters of see level to get a wonderful photo stop.

Visit ( Bedouins tent ) that show you part of culture and they live

Depart to your Camp to see the wonderful sun set

You need ( 30 ) minutes to arrive your camp


  • 4WD Car
  • English guide come driver
  • Room In 3 Stars camp

Day ( 3 )

Depart    : 08.30 am

Duration  : ( 02.30 ) hours to first Destenation

Places to be visit

  • birkat Al mouz village
  • Jabreen castle
  • Bahla fort

Today your going to leave your camp towards ( Jabreen castle )

to visit one of the great historic castles take a look on one of the

beautiful architect ceiling which back to 16th century enjoy your

tour to see how the engineering was in that castle

on the way stop for photo in ( Birkat Al mouz ) dates village

get a panorama photo from a little plateau where you can see

the old village and the modem one

Proceed to ( Bahla fort ) one of the forts that listed in UNESCO heritage

sites which is back to 1500 year get a ( photo stop ) from a spot show you

a panoramic view for all Bahla town

Proceed to your hotle in Nizw


  • 4WD Car
  • English guide come driver
  • Room In 3 Stars Hotel

Day ( 4 )

Depart   : 08.30 am

Duration  : ( 10 ) Minutes to first Destenation

Places to be visit

  • Nizwa fort
  • Nizwa traditional market
  • Misfa old village
  • Al hamra old village

Start your day to visit ( Nizwa  fort ) Nizwa was the capital in 16th century it was a school for many scholars that born and grown up in this great town, the inhabitants people still sustain on culture and you can see that from their different activities such as trading and cultivation, silver industries, poetry industries and so all

Proceed to ( Misfa old village )

located on 1500 metres from see level

on foothill of the Jabal shams mountain

Back to 600 years

People decided to challenge the hard life

to build their own houses on that level

to get a suitable spot for cultivation

Especially with Availability of water


  • 4WD Car
  • English guide come driver
  • Room In 3Stars Hotel

Day ( 5 )

Depart    : 08.30 am

Duration  : ( 45 ) Minutes to first Destenation

Places to be visit

  • Grand Canyon
  • Bait Al safah
  • Balad sayt village
  • Wadi bani Aouf

This morning you back to city

Visit ( Crand Canyon )

Highest pick in Gulf countries

3000 metres from see level

( Bait Al safah ) a private traditional museum

Is a house Restored by the owner to

show how was the local people live that time

The house made of stone,clay and bricks

This house back to 480 years

While you proceeding towards the mountains again

Stop at ( Balad sayt village ) Located between the depth of

( Wadi Bani Aouf ) enjoy driving and see wonderful nature

different rocks formations, and beauty of nature

Back to City

You need ( 2.5 ) hours to arrive


  • 4WD Car
  • English guide come driver
  • Room In 3 Stars Hotel

PRICE: 1300,000 OMR